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  The beautiful qualities of the ragdolls breed

Ragdolls are legend to have the souls of humans..When they look at you , they look into your eyes and listen to what you have to say. This breed is known for its compassion and  gentle loving nature.They are very beneficial to people who are somewhat depressed or live alone since they bring a positive energy into the home.. ..They have a soft super sweet meow and have a polite calm nature. Shedding is not a huge concern with this breed..they shed very little not like a persian that needs constant brushing..Thats not to say the ragdoll  dosent like to be brushed..They love it and will roll and roll with delight while getting the grooming..Its also a kind of loving gesture to the cat... My goal as a breeder is to preserve this breeds amazing qualities by careful genetics and preventing smaller genepools..Many people do not know what is Ragdoll cat is..but it seems when someone finally owns one..the ragdoll will put a footprint on their memory. and that memory will last for the rest of that persons  life...THE RAGDOLL TRULY IS A REMARKABLE BREED 

Gail Vettel  (ANGELKISSED RAGDOLLS)      North Branch, Minnesota      651-587-0828


.....Foundation breeder Ann Baker

Ann Baker originated the first foundation stock ragdolls in the 1960's..Back then, no one knew what a ragdoll was...Since then many new blended lines have developed into the ragdolls of today..Ann became eccenteic and strange as she grew older, and  claims were made of where she aquired her ragdolls ( one of which were from  infusion of human genes.. but non the less all ragdoll lovers around the world can thank her for their beloved pets they own today!!

Bringing your new kitty home...

Your new kitten will be going home to a new and strange place...It is normal for some kittys to be afraid and take a few days to settle in..Remember .. they are leaving their litter mates and mom for the first time and they need to get to know you..We recommend placing them in a bathroom or a small room , with their litter box , food and a soft blanket for the first week.This gives them a sense of security... Turning them loose right away in a large home may confuse them, and they may pick up bad litter box habits.You be the judge, on when  your kitty feels comfortable enough to turn loose..During holidays you need to protect your new kitty from excess stress ..it is easy to step on a ragdoll kitty since they dont get out of the way...Ragdolls  adapt very easy and will give their heart and soul to you as your new family pet!!    Ragdolls truly are a GIFT from the ANGELS....

Past kitty below   (not for sale......

below  seal mitted MINK..    Past kitten from Hermione and Rio 

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