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Our home is a comfortable , happy environment for our kittys.They are stress free and emotionally healthy...

SPAY/NEUTER      Our kittens are on a spay/neuter contract..Kittens must be altered by six months or a contract breach fee of 1000.00 can be adressed. We do NOT early spay and neuter.  Young kittens have a very immature immune system, and by bringing a young litter in to have a surgical procedure can set them up to contract a contagious pathogen... simply speaking, the vet office is where everyone bring their sick pets..By letting your grow to 6 months will allow him to develop a stronger immunity

Past kitten from winnie and Nimo ( not for sale)

About me.. Gail Vettel

Ragdolls have been a huge part of my life since meeting this remarkable breed.This cat is like no other.Each breed of cat has their personality types and little vices here and there,but the ragdoll is the most all around easy going and family oriented kitty making them a true joy to live with. I think the good lord meant for me to have these little angels in my life so I want to breed top quality kittys with careful genetics with personality, and of course BEAUTY for many families to enjoy..Thanks to all of you who have written to me and expressed your delight with our kittens !!chocolate Angel and me 1998

We are located in between Stacy and North branch..just off 35 W 

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