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 BELOW.. Here are some of the past kittens born here at ANGELKISSED

SEALMINK  kittens are lighter coco colored when they are young..As they mature they will become a deep rich mahogany color..The blue Minks will be a silvery platinum color but not become quite as dark as the seal mink..Yes Minks are TICA registered Ragdolls..They were some of the original ragdolls owned by ANN BAKER in the 1960's. Ann continued with the traditional colors but many breeders kept the Minks and carried on the MINK ragdolls of today..Minks do not always carry the vivid blue eyes..They usually carry more of the AQUA or green cast to the eye color.

PAST Seal mitted MINK kitten( ROBBIE)      from DAISY and RIO (not for sale)

Past Blue point,  and seal mitted kitten  form DiDi and RIO

Past blue point kitten  (not for sale)

past blue point kitten below

Past blue bicolor female kitten enjoying her new family

Below  past seal point brothers enjoying their new family!

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